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About the Atwell Toy Library 

The Atwell Toy Library is a non-profit, volunteer organisation run by Parents in Atwell and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to provide a wide range of quality toys, puzzles and games which promote the physical and cognitive development of children up to 6 years of age. 


Membership Fees 

The annual membership fees are as follows: 

Annual Subscription$70 ($40 six monthly membership available) 

Failure to renew membership and pay fees within 30 days of due date will result in cancellation of membership.  Please notify the committee in writing if you no longer wish to be a member.  Please note that membership is non-transferable. 



Number of Toys 

Each family may borrow 3 items over a two week period.  An extension of 2 extra weeks is allowed, and can be arranged by either renewing at the library or by email.   

It is your responsibility to check the toys before leaving the Toy Library and inform the committee member on roster if any pieces are missing. 


Your Responsibilities 

1.Legal Responsibilities 

Toys borrowed should be used in accordance of the purpose for which they are intended and by children of an appropriate age and level of understanding with appropriate supervision.  Please note that some toys have small parts and are not suitable for children under three years of age.  Plastic bags can be dangerous.  To avoid suffocation please keep plastic bags away from babies and small children. We recommend that children using ride on toys wear a helmet. 


2.Duty Rosters 

Since the Atwell Toy Library is operated by volunteer parents, each member is asked to participate in the roster duties once every 6 months.  A committee member, who will explain the routines and procedures, will accompany members.   


3.Supervision of children at the Toy Library 

Please supervise your children closely during visits and on roster days.  Children are welcome to help in the selection process but please ensure that all toys that are not being booked out are packed up and replaced back on the shelf. 


4.Care of Toys and Packaging 

Members please take care while removing packaging from toys once at home and store the packaging in an appropriate place.  Cardboard boxes in particular must be protected, as they cannot be replaced.  Proper care and storage will greatly enhance their life.  If you borrow an outside toy, please ensure that it is stored safely undercover away from direct sunlight or rain. 



In the interest of our children and the presentation of our toys, members are requested to clean toys before returning to the library.  Toys must be scrubbed and left to dry before returning.  It is suggested that baby toys are cleaned both prior to use and return with a mild disinfectant as an additional hygiene precaution.  Please note that dirty toys will not be accepted and must be checked out again for cleaning. 



6.Damage or Missing Pieces 

Where a toy is damaged or missing pieces beyond reasonable wear and tear and this seriously affects the use of a toy, or results in the toy being beyond repair, the member will be charged the value of the toy less depreciation.  



A stocktake is held annually in July for the cleaning and checking of all toys.  All toys must be returned to the library before stocktake.  Members are required to participate in the stocktake. 


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

The AGM is held annually to nominate a new toy library committee, which is essential for the operation of the toy library.  All members are required to attend the AGM.  The date will be advertised in advance to enable interested members in attending.  Non-attendance of the AGM without a prior apology will incur a fine of $5. 



All members are expected to participate in a fundraising activity during the year.  Money raised throughout the year is spent solely on the running of the toy library including such expenses as hall hire, insurance, toy maintenance and toy replacement. 


Important Notes 

  1. The Committee has the right to suspend membership if members are found to be abusing their membership privileges or not participating adequately at the Toy Library.
  2. Every effort has been made to ensure that toys are safe, but it is to be noted that by signing your membership application you take sole responsibility for any accidents which may occur resulting in injury arising from use or misuse of the toys.

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